Thursday, June 25, 2009

Peoria SDP Convention

Hi Everyone,
First, let me apologize for taking soooo long to post this blog! I am currently having a love/hate relationship with my laptop, network, camera and basically anything electronic! LOL But here are finally some great photos and some wonderful memories of our (Blake's and my) very first Society of Decorative Painting National Convention. Here is a picture of some of the team that was at the convention: l-r Paul Seymour, Cathy Seymour, me, Hazel Anthony, Martha Jansen, Dave Jansen, Jessica Jansen, Dave Parmer, Bobbie, Koelsch and my hubby Blake (who was standing next to my new sister-wife Bobbie! LOL)

Blake was so funny all week, he just kept me intact and sane amongst the got to the point that he was my 'purse' and he was totally ok with a matter of fact he actually said "I go with everything." LOL, so maybe Bobbie just had 'purse envy' I leant her mine! This is a shot of me, Hazel and Bobbie painting some of the new mixing cards that are included with one of Dave's new Limited Palette mixing DVDs. Paul is trying to supervise apparently....actually, I think he just wanted in on all of the giggling that was going on.

Here's a shot of the young married couple who celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary while we were there!

Our wonderful editor Frieda joined us on Friday and was busy taking lots of photos of some of the new paintings that will be included in our new Heritage Education Manual.

This is what remains of my one and only attempt at trying to take a video with my camera....LOL, obviously was unsuccessful! Not sure whose pretty toes those are, Bobbie or Hazel I think. LOL

The sales team! Martha, Dave and Jessica!

Paul busy running a 'make it and take' or several students and Bobbie making sure he didn't forget any steps!

Why, it's a global palette Vanna, brought to you by Global Art Supply! Your's for only $24.95.

In the very blurry background is Hazel carrying the Australian flag to the general meeting of the SDP. That was a real honour for Hazel. There were 14 countries represented at this year's convention and over 1000 registered attendees.

Cathy, Paul and Arlene Newman. We stayed for the meeting and got to watch as all of the wonderful awards were given out for this year's achievements by artists around the world.

Me in our hotel room. I was on a 'help line' (and I use that term loosely!) with HP for almost 2 hours trying to fix our laptop. No go....

Blake and David hanging paintings the first day.

Paul hung a few too.....LOL, then he got to hang them again after they fell on the floor.....

Dave and Martha unpacking numerous crates while we set up the booth....(I'm sorry these are all out of order but tonight, I've given up fighting with Blogspot too and trying to place the photos chronologically....)

Oh my gosh, I think I have a love/hate relationship with this blog...LOL, I love to 'read' it when it's done but my oh my, sometimes I hate writing it! LOL It seems that when I have time to write it there typically isn't much going on in the studio and consequently not much to write about! BUT, when there is lots to write about I barely have time to catch my breath let alone blog about all of the really, really special and interesting events that are happening! LOL such a conundrum! But such a blessing.

Well, I'll begin by saying that Blake and I spent last week in Peoria Illinois at our very first ever Society of Decorative Painting Convention. What an amazing time we had! I got to meet other members of the Heritage Design Team with whom I've been working so closely these last few months. It really felt as though we were all old friends even though we'd never actually met in person before. I got to meet Hazel Anthony from Australia, Arlene Newman from New Jersey, my dear friend Cathy Seymour from Pennsylvannia and Bobbie Koelsch from California. Bobbie and I had been Skyping at least once a week for the last couple of months so it was like seeing a sister I hadn't seen in a long time.

Dave hanging some paintings.

We had an amazing time and met some really great people. If I try to name them all I know I'll fail but meeting Marsha McDowell, David Vernon and Mark, Julie King and so many others was such a joy.

I know that I'll always treasure my memories of this week and I really can't wait to go again next year to Wichita Kansas!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Seeing the World with an Artist's Eye

OK, it is now official...I am an art geek and I've dragged my husband along for the ride! LOL Tonight Rach and Hale were off to a city wide dance for all of the public school safety patrollers. Rachel won patroller of the year for her school! We are so proud of her and her brother for all of their hard work. Blake and I found ourselves with a few hours to kill so decided to go on a 'date'. We went to see Angels and Demons. Great movie! for some great clips and photos.

Here is the hilarious part....throughout the movie I was having a little trouble entering the "suspension of disbelief" and losing myself in the movie. I was having so much fun looking at all the artwork! LOL, no secret, it takes place in Vatican City and Rome....there seem to be a couple of nice things to look at there! LOL I found myself looking over character's shoulders so I could study the trompe l'oeile on the wall behind them...studying a painting that was stealing the scene...or admiring a sculpture during a gunfight! LOL

Then I was looking at furniture....the marquetry, the decorative paintwork on the legs of chairs etc., etc.....

At the end of the movie, Blake leaned over and asked me what I thought of the movie and I remarked on all the great background 'stuff' going on....he looked at me and said "yeah, and did you see the desk???? Wow, I'd love to paint that marquetry." He then went on and asked if I'd noticed the faux niches painted on walls and if I saw the decorative cartouche in a hallway....okay, I didn't even know he knew that word! What a hottie, my hubby is! LOL such sweet nothings being uttered....LOL He even finished by saying he'd love to go to Rome someday and see it in real life. Ahhhh, I love that guy, knew he was a keeper the moment I met him.