Monday, July 20, 2009

Transferrable Skills?????

Hi Everyone,

Well we are now well into summer and the family visits have begun. My sister and her two kids are visiting us here in Ontario from BC. They are staying with us this week before we go to the cottage for our annual "cousin camp" with my other sister and her kids next week. Here is the 'rub' studio has been taken over.....

Now imagine, not in the usual way when family comes to visit with suitcases, mattresses and piles of 'stuff' that collects when you have company and not enough bedrooms... but ~ my painting studio has become a TATTOO PARLOR!!!! My sister is a tattoo artist and she has booked lots of appointments in my studio for this week.

Ok, I'm going to admit something....I know nothing about tattoos. I grew up in a family that WENT to tattoos (you know, with pipebands and drums?) not got tattoos. Anyway, Jodie has several and they really aren't what I expected.....what did I expect? well, I'm not really sure but I guess skulls might have popped into my head. LOL I definitely fell into the 'stereotype' mentality and this is the first time I've really, really looked at them.

Having just come from Dave's Teacher Seminar where we were all designing, and learning about scrolls I was VERY aware of 'c' and 's' in the designs Jodie was coming up with and had in her portfolio. We had a really long conversation after dinner last night about the acanthus, root c's and s's and line of design. She actually looked at one of the Rosmaling designs I came up with last week and declared it to be a tattoo waiting for ink! LOL

OK, so just when you learn that Rosmaling is a transferable skill to all other painting ~ BANG!!! ~ I learn that it is also transferable to tattoos.....LOL

Now, the big question, to ink? or not to ink?


  1. Do I hear back up career in case this Education Coordinator gig doesn't work out?

  2. OK Georgia - would it be visible or tucked away somewhere? LOL

  3. It goes to show just how close so "many" different skills draw from the "same" rules, so to speak. The art of design is everywhere........