Thursday, July 30, 2009

when life gives you lemons


Well Cousin Camp 2009 is in mid stream and we're all having a fantastic time! The kids are all having a ball together and the weather has finally decided to show us that it actually is summer. (I fell asleep on the lounge chair yesterday listening to an audiobook on my iPod and burnt the stink out of places that haven't seen sun in quite a while! Ouch my knees hurt! LOL)

Anyway, the title of my blog. You know when no matter how well you plan something it just doesn't work out? Well, Kari, Jodie and I very carefully planned a week long menu and who was bringing what. This is important in an area that has no electricity and depends on propane fridges and coolers with ice! The corner store is a boat ride then a car ride away! LOL

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade....well, in our case ~ when Jodie brings up a 10lb bag of rotten potatoes you let the kids play "potato baseball" on the dock! LOL

Yup, my crazy sister cut all of these stinky, rotten potatoes into smaller pieces and then proceeded to be 'pitcher' to the kids on the dock. She would lob them a potato and WHAM they'd hit it out into the bay. Some potatoes were much funnier than others....some exploded into a million mushy pieces (ok, took 3 of these before we wised up and moved the boat! LOL), and then some came screaming right at the pitcher! Jodie got hit twice by a potato and she now has the bruises to show for it! Only at cousin camp....My sister Kari and I were laughing so hard we forgot to take pictures. On the bright side ~ we have a basket of peaches that aren't looking too good.....LOL, that will be a photo op for sure!

Not a painting related blog this time, but what the heck we're having a really fun week!

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  1. Perhaps you can take photos of the bruises! Just imagine the different vlaues of purple, black & blue turning to that sickening shade of yellow!!! What a palette1 LOL

    Lynn Arra