Saturday, May 2, 2009

Palekh Painting

Greetings from Elizabethtown Pennsylvania!

Well, with 'prep day' under our belts, we were up and at it early this morning and started the first official day of seminar. This weekend we are painting a Palekh of the Russian Fairy Tale "Father Frost and the Maiden". Palekh is one or 4 traditional styles of painting Russian Fairy Tales. It is fascinating to hear the history and traditions associated with the different styles and learn the characteristics that make Palekh so unique.

Here are some photos of the Carved Santa and the box that we are painting this weekend.

Isn't he something? Today we got the surfaces basecoated and the colour assignments done on the elements of the design. We also began a really interesting layering technique to execute Father Frost....hmmm, well maybe execute was a poor choice of words...LOL, I'm sure by the time class is over none of us will have 'murdered' this pattern....hahahaha.....gosh I'm tired.....

This class is having so much fun. Everyone here is so nice and we are all doing a lot of laughing and learning.

As you can see, all of the students work really, really hard.

But, please pay special attention to how hard the teacher works ~ you can see in the following shot...LOL, man am I ever going to be in trouble tomorrow when he sees this...sheesh....but, I think it is worth it!

Jessica is painting with us this weekend too ~ check out Bacchus the cat, making himself at home while poor Jess tries to paint!

Ok, I have to go to's been a long day and I have to figure out how to trick Paul into 'showing' me how to vacuum the studio tomorrow morning before everyone arrives....hmmm, he had promised to vacuum if I didn't post this photo of him in his headband magnifier glasses....LOL


  1. Georgia,
    I would sleep with one eye open after posting this picture of Paul!
    Have fun.


  2. Looks like everyone is having fun and the Santa and Father Frost paintings are fantastic.

    Wow Dave sure looks relaxed doesn't he! Love Jessica's fur collar too!

    Have a great time everyone!


  3. Georgia, looks like tons of fun!! Keep Paul in line :-)

  4. Oh Georgia,

    You gave me great blackmail material on Paul!! I am still laughing! Please post some more!!!