Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Special Board

Hi All,

This year I began my second attempt at painting a board for the certification program with the Society of Decorative, it is such an amazing experience to paint this board.

It is a test in which the SDP mails the applicant a board and a line drawing. It is up to the individual artist to paint the line drawing...sounds easy right? Wow, wrong! LOL

It is so difficult to choose a colour scheme and then follow it through, every stroke asks the question "what is the quality and quantity of light in this area of the painting?" I found myself continually questioning my choices and pushing, pulling my painting limits and far can I safely take a value and intensity in this element of the painting?...

This year's test has really, really stretched me. I feel pretty good about the result...I know that I have some areas to study and work on still but I really like my finished product.

Now comes the hard part...waiting for the judges at the convention to critique my painting...then the REALLY hard part ~ LOL~ accepting the critique in the positive way in which it is meant! Putting my ego aside and really looking at it as a guide and map to the areas that I need to study this year. I love that it will provide me with direction.

My critique from last year explained that I needed to study value and, that is what I did this year...I think that this year's board has a marked improvement over last year's attempt I am really excited to see if the judges agree.

Now, it is all 'zippy lippy' until the judges have completed their task so come June I'll share my photos of this journey.


  1. Georgia - I wish you all the best with your certification board. Sounds like you planned it out really well. Here's hoping we celebrate your passing test in Peoria!

    Big hugs,

  2. Thanks Hazel, we're going to celebrate in Peoria no matter what the outcome! It is better than last year and that's all that matters to me...we'll also be celebrating our team!
    hugs back!

  3. Georgia,

    I love your take on the certification board. You have improved...and that is all that matters. Good luck with the results. We will be waiting to hear the news, either way!

  4. Good for you Georgia!! At least you try. I am sure you have learned a lot from the other board and the constant study you do. Nothing but good things can come from this for you...pass or not...but I think you will nail it this time!!!
    Good luck.


  5. Thanks Tom and is very humbling to have so many nice people in your corner!