Tuesday, April 14, 2009

busy brushes!


Well things have been pretty busy here at the Dawbon household and my studio this past week. First, the snow finally stopped and has almost disappeared...there are still just a few stubborn patches at the back of the house and in the shaded areas of the garden....

The Easter Bunny made his appearance and left some lovely treats...the kids had lots of fun searching for eggs...I still don't think they've found them all! lol Rachel is now 12 and Hale is 10 and this weekend had me thinking back to Easters past... I asked Hale, and he said it was ok if I told this story.

When he was 3 and my Rach was 5 my sister and her family came for Easter. My nephew Elijah is 1 day younger than Hale...yup, 2 peas in a pod...anyway, my sis and I sent them out to play in the sandbox with their chocolate Easter bunnies and next thing we knew Rachel was in tears...."What's wrong Rachel?" she was sobbing...."Eli kicked my bunny and smashed it." Well, my sis Jodie was furious. "ELIJAH, why did you kick her bunny?" The big blue eyes looked up so forlornly..."I thought it was Hale's."

Sheesh, boys....they really do love eachother, but I swear....

Later that evening, we thought a 'communal' bath would be fun for all the toddlers. Jodie peeled off Hale's track pants to find the kid covered in something brown. all over his but, legs and ankles...it was his chocolate bunny. He had decided to hide it from Eli and didn't have any pockets so had instead put it down his pants for safe keeping...sheesh, boys....

Anyway, painting this week? Well, been fighting with my CDA board....sigh...just over thinking the whole darn process and questioning every stroke my brush makes...I can't wait until it is finished. LOL, funny thing is, if I were helping a student with this design (don't worry that IS NOT happening!!!!) I'd be able to 'remove myself' from the process and lay out logically exactly what has to be done. LOL we are our own worst critics, aren't we?

Today I had another open studio to paint van Aelst study. It is going well. Lynn Arra and Lynn Hoppe are chugging right along and their paintings are developing really nicely. I can't believe I forgot to take pictures today! Next week for sure.

This week is a big Canadian painting convention called Coast to Coast in Mississauga Ontario. It is a great show and Blake and I are going to a mix and mingle party for the DAIC list on Friday night and then going to the tradeshow on Saturday. I can't wait to see some friends and do some shopping!
http://www.c2cevents.com/index.php is the website for this amazing show.

The DAIC list is Decorative Artists in Canada, a really wonderful yahoo group I belong to. I have made a really dear friend on this list and I can't wait to see her this weekend! I'll have to blog all about Sue Beckerton. LOL, she'll love that! LOL, not!!
http://www.daic.ca/ is the website for this fantastic group. There are members from all over the world.

ttfn! and next blog will have some photos...promise....grin...

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