Saturday, April 18, 2009

A busy Weekend And Coast 2 Coast

A very dear friend's Dad passed away on Wed. and so we went to a visitation last night and we're going to a funeral this afternoon. My heart and prayers are with her and her family today and I truly hope she finds peace in her fond memories.

That said, we were unable to attend the Mix and Mingle party at Coast 2 Coast last night...but, Blake and I did manage to go down to the trade show yesterday! Wow it was fun.

This show happens every April at the Delta Meadowvale Hotel in Mississauga Ontario. It is a wonderful venue for Canadian Decorative Artists to 'strut their stuff'. Boy there are a lot of talented people up here in the Great White North. The hosts of this event plan classes, the tradeshow, Cash & Carry Classes and Teacher and Exhibitor Demonstrations. The place is literally buzzing with creative energy and comraderie.

I think that Decorative Painters are the friendliest bunch of people on the planet. I was lined up at a booth to pay for some beautiful new wood (more on that later!) and chatted and joked for a long time with the nicest group of painters I'd never met... We were complete strangers but we all shared a common interest and we were all gushing over the wood and what we were about to paint.
The lady I talked to couldn't say enough about what a great experience she was having. She had registered, was staying at the hotel and was taking as many classes as humanly possible. She was shopping during her 'lunch break' from class. LOL

I belong to an online group of painters called DAIC (Decorative Artists in Canada) but please don't let the name fool you! There are now members from all over the world. What a friendly bunch! I got to see so many familiar faces and meet so many in person for the first time. It was great. We have a nifty little mapleleaf pin that we each paint to our own desire that acts as our name tag. If any of you go to National watch for these pins! I know there will be a few of us there.

My purchases you ask? Well, there were many! LOL to Blake's great chagrin. First, there was a booth called Stirling Fine Furniture. Wow, it was a wood junkie's paradise. The man who works to create these pieces is a true craftsman. He said that he prices his wood so he makes $10/hour. He said he likes to sell lots and lots of wood at a reasonable price to bring everyone happiness instead of expensively to only a few. Wow...I don't know how he does it...seriously, if I have to sand any of this stuff I will be shocked and it was all so reasonably priced. I picked up the most beautiful domed bridal box for $20...and that is Canadian funds! They don't have a website but their email is

A jewellery box.

A coaster box with 6 coasters ~ $12!!!!

A game box with one drawer ~ apparently lots of people paint a checker board on top! cool!

That Stirling booth was hoppin! Very, very busy indeed, but can as you can see from the photos the quality and price acted as a well deserved shopping magnet!
During our wanderings I also picked up a set of 10 Russian nesting dolls in Heather Redick's booth. Oh they are lovely, they smooth and full of possibilities! I didn't buy a pattern for them...I'm challenging myself to come up with my own design for them...I kind of wish there were 12 for the 12 days of Christmas but my mind is now zeroing in on a Nativity Scene Set...we'll see how that goes! I think Blake is secretly starting a pool to bet on when my brush actually touches these new him with your 25cents and betting information...LOL

I also picked up a couple of books. The first was "Artists Eat Too" compiled by the members of the DAIC, this was in exchange for a donation. What a cool book, full of recipes, painting tip, household tips and cute little line drawing done by the members. I just love it.
My other treasure is "Celebrate St. Nicholas" published by the Decorative Arts Collection. Wow, what a beautiful volume of hand painted, hand carved Santas by all different artists. I am going to the Jansen Studio in a couple of weeks to paint Dave's version of the carved Santa found in this book. I had intended to bring 6 of these lovely Santas home to my studio so I could teach the class when I came back....hmmmm, I wonder if Blake would mind if I horded them all and painted a whole army of St Nick's for the fireplace mantel???? Would he notice??? LOL, hmmm then what would the students paint??? Oh this could be a puzzler indeed...I might need some more Santas...LOL

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