Saturday, April 25, 2009

Finally Springtime

Hi All,

Sorry, not much painting talk this is all 'zippy lippy' while I paint my 'special board'...but, I promise that after we have the results I will bore you to tears with the "Diary of a crazy woman painting the board"...I'm taking pictures of the process it is a journey.

We painted a van Aelst class this week and a colour theory class this week. They were both lots of fun. In colour theory we are studying the limited palette and mixing a simple "tight" palette for a simple painting. Yup, we're still using our colouring books!

Now for totally non painting fun stuff...Blake and I took the kids to the drive-in tonight for the first time this year. Keep in mind, it's only been a couple of weeks since the snow FINALLY bid us adieu, so for us this is a sure sign of spring and the summer is not that far away!

Wow, the drive-in is so much fun. We pulled into the 'complex' is really cool, we have 3 screens to choose from...and drove by the concession and the playground. It was actually a pretty warm day here today so I had my window down (Blake, my weather guy, tells me it reached a high of 21 degrees C LOL). There were lots of kids in the playground playing on ancient equipment (that I know I played on as a kid!) in their pyjamas (I know I did that as a kid too!) We parked and we could hear the Canada geese in the distance honking away and we could hear the spring peepers in the trees. (I think they're frogs???? but the sound is unmistakable, and is the sound of a quiet evening outside of town.)

My sister, brother-in-law and niece and nephew came out too and parked right next to us so the kids could make faces at each other through the windows. It really was a wonderful night. Simple and relaxing. Just hanging out at the drive-in, eating buttered popcorn and enjoying the fact that it is no longer winter.

I love the drive-in. It is so relaxing, and you know what? They still play exactly the same cartoons during the intermission that I remember as a kid...remember the count down 'til showtime? 9 minutes and the dancing hot dogs, the guy being shot out of the cannon etc.? I laughed tonight when they showed photos of 'top movie stars' coming soon to our movie screen...they showed Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand, and lots of others that I am going to pretend that I am too young to recognize.... it was cool.

So we saw 17 Again and I am officially in love with Zack Effron. I already love Mathew Perry, but Zack is such a cutie. My niece (who is 8) and my daughter (who is 12) both completely agree. If they read this they will both give me HUGE 'eye rolls' and a chorus of "Oh Mom/Aunt George" I'll sign off before I embarrass them even more...

I'm just so happy it is finally, officially Spring. I think we can safely take off the snow tires and put away the snowblower...knock wood...

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  1. Georgia,

    I live in a house of three women, and they are all Zac Efron crazy. But the sounds of spring at a drive-in theater sounds heavenly. I love summer and can't wait to do that with my wife and two girls!! Thanks for such a nostalgic post.

    Tom Nagy