Friday, April 3, 2009

My First Blog!

Hi Everyone,

Well, please bear with me for my very first blog post...take 2...
huh? you ask....yup, take 2...LOL, I got very fancy a little while ago and my entire post was published in Hindi! Please, please don't ask me how...I'm really not all that sure. Hopefully, this one will appear in English.
Well, after Dave sharing his thumbprint mouse with us this morning on the forum, I thought I'd share my very first painting.
(I've added this link mostly as a test, to see if I know how to do that... so I guess we'll wait and see!)
She makes me smile, every single time I look at her. Does anyone know what pattern this is or who the designer might be? I painted it in 1994 and she looks an awful lot like something by Helan Barrick? If you have any ideas, please leave me a comment!
Well, off to the studio, to work on that special board...wish me luck!


  1. Georgia, How cute is this!! I bet this
    piece still brings a big smile to your face!
    Good luck working on your "special board" and may it pass with flying colors.
    Marsha McDowell
    Mesa, AZ

  2. Thank you Marsha! Take a close look at the highlight/shade on the front of the, seems I was holding my brush backward. Fun, hopefully I won't do that on the 'special board' LOL,
    I tried to leave a comment on your blog, I loved it! Some reason, I couldn't sign in properly to do it... you are right, this computer stuff is WAY harder than painting.

    Thanks for the nice comment.