Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Painting Tip!

Hi All!

Had a great day painting the van Aelst today. Yay! I am FINALLY finished April...hmmm, I guess I'm not that far behind...LOL

I took a picture of my really super cool extender dish today. It is a little ceramic square that is the absolute perfect size for my brush when I'm using Extender. It is nice and low so it won't spill and is heavy enough not to get knocked around easily. I just love it. I got it at a Pampered Chef party, I think it was a set of 4. I now have 12 of them in my studio so there is a 'class set'...I do think Blake did sneak one out though for mixing his Wasabi when we have Sushi.

Here is a picture of the completed April lesson of the van Aelst. I can't wait to start adding colour!

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