Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It is STILL Snowing!!

Hello from 'The Great White North'! LOL Ok, I am getting seriously worried about the health of the poor Easter Bunny who is supposed to come and visit us this weekend...he is going to freeze his little paws off!


I took this photo last night before bed, quite a pretty picture of our crabapple tree in the front yard if it was FEBRUARY...lol, it snowed all day today too. Yesterday the kids had a 'snow day' home from school. Wow, I think they only had 1 or 2 days off all winter and then bam, one in April...weird.


Today was an open van Aelst studio day. Several of us here in Barrie have been working away this year trying to finish our year long Willem van Aelst study provided to us by David Jansen. Lynn is doing a great job! She finished June today. She has officially passed the halfway mark! She mentioned today how much fun it was to paint something so challenging and what a great stretch it has been for her. Today her white chrysanthemums came alive. If you double click the photo it will open up for you in a new screen and is a little bigger.

Now, as you can see, I am not as far along as my dear friend Lynn! LOL, I am plugging away on the April lesson....I am almost satisfied with my grisaille layer, I just need to add some of the background buds and leaves and I'm off to the May lesson!
Wow, just so much going on in the studio right now. My easel and painting table runneth over! It's getting close to the mailing day for the CDA boards and I'm also working on some lessons for the new education manual. Whew...it's overwhelming sometimes, but it is so much fun when the brush is in my hand. Back to it!

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